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/Hand Rejuvenation

Hand-RejuvenationAboutFace Aesthetics understands that our hands tell our age too, not just our face. The solution to help restore youthfulness in our hands can be done easily through the use of an FDA-approved dermal filler treatment. Hand rejuvenation in both men and women can provide a fuller, more youthful appearance in the hands, which will minimize wrinkling as well as the prominence of the underlying veins, bones, and tendons. Most medical spa treatments have focused on treating facial aging, but the appearance of the hands is just as important.

AboutFace Aesthetics uses a less painful alternative by using Radiesse® to inject into the back of the hands. This procedure is quick and results are seen right away with very little to no down time. Radiesse® provides instant and durable long lasting results. Radiesse® provides a temporary platform for collagen building. The body’s own collagen will interweave into this structure keeping the skin feeling soft natural and smooth. Most recently, other dermafillers have also been effective in rejuvenating the hands. Try adding PRP with a treatment to receive more rejuvenating benefits!

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